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Our worlds

Sometimes our worlds collide, stretch, morph and change.
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Image: Wendy Taleo "Reflection on Stuart" 2017
Reflection of Lightfe I had this post mostly written, went for a coffee, network glitch, post lost.

You and I will never know what was written.

I was just about to give up Network Narratives, yes, that was the words in my head. Then along came the next Studio visit. A diverse audience chatting with Howard Rheingold and Mamie Rheingold.

Week 6 question:
Are you feeling in control of your Networked Narratives experience, lost in the chaos, or perhaps sometimes both?

To which I reply: Kind of.

Oh wait, there is a scale to follow:

Then I thought I might be dreaming. So I did the 'dream-check' the Howard Rheingold way as referred to here. If you jump and your feet land on the floor, you are most likely, not dreaming.

or the Giphy/meme version of that.

Having established all of that,  on reflection,  life still is and  if the sun comes up tomorrow,  there will be light.
Post Script: This from Kevin…

The Kangaroo - Scene I

The tale of the kangaroo and the fence. The kangaroo might have been Syrian children starved by their countrymen.

Or maybe the indigenous kids at my son's school that I don't see because they don't come to school.

The water might have been food trucks turned back at borders.

Or a missed education.

The fence could be a wall to block people joining their families.

Or some crazy idea in the late 1800's to block rabbits (an introduced species that came over on boats) crossing Australia.

The students might have been the paparazzi, hounding a Princess after a late night supper.

Or digital humanists that observe their life through a writer's lense.

The devices might have been social media that tracks the truth and fake-ness of what might or might not have happened.

Or VR/AR/3D/4D/other-ness kind of things.

The awe may have been Jason Silver embodying this through his Shots of Awe videos.

Or not.

The sorrow, ahhhh, the sweet sorrow. Might have been a movie plot to tug on h…

Spin Bots and Story Shapes

Story shapes, Glitch Art and Network Improvisation. What a time we are having along this NetNarr road.

Story shapes are a way of visualising the narrative. NetNarr TagsExplorer by Martin Hawksey is rather mesmerising to watch. If you want to see where you sit in the 'eye', press Ctrl F and type your Twitter tag in there.

This does not present any emotion between the nodes. In this article "The emotional arcs of stories are dominated by six basic shapes", Reagan et al (2016) talk about measuring the popularity of emotional arcs in different stories and about 'shared emotional experiences'. I find this interesting to apply to the Networked Narrative that is happening between students that see each other face-to-face and those that have never met in that way. How much emotion do we share that could even allow us to match our experiences? Could this impact how we interact with Twitter bots, teacher bots or Twitter accounts of 'other' sort (like owls, cow…

Shadows under my fingertips

I created my first verse in this digital Universe. Shadows under my fingertips of possibilities. I continue to play the various examples that are given in this beta app (I love the 'b' word) and see how many different ways you can use it. This blog post may grow as I try different aspects. My ideas for future verses are these: poetry with moving word blocksadd music to play in the backgroundpop out photos that lead the reader through a serieschoose your own adventurecolour blocks in minnimalist stylemultiple movie blocks