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I view the world through my little window yet I am in the room I am here on the screen I am here on the journey I know real things glimpses across the room warmth, giggles, no carnage.
Rendering. Extruding. Done.


A dream that changed my life.
#dda7 - background created with #dda23 - after this dream I left the city and my life hasn't been mundane since!

What happens to our stories

When we forget. When we no longer remember. What happens to our stories? When we forget our own name.  The names of our children. When we forget to put our teeth in. We forget our glasses are on our nose. What sort of stories do we need then?This picture has 2 n's for the daily challenge. #dda18

Stories with no end

I like this picture (from because it shows one road that appears as unconnected bits of tarmac. As a metaphor we can look at life as one road but with many twists and turns. Perhaps starting this course is like seeing disconnected, solid things.....that may, or may not connect up.

Can you see the rider?

Can you see some twisted "N" letters?

(I really started Network Narratives over here.)