Spin Bots and Story Shapes

Story shapes, Glitch Art and Network Improvisation. What a time we are having along this NetNarr road.

Story shapes are a way of visualising the narrative. NetNarr TagsExplorer by Martin Hawksey is rather mesmerising to watch. If you want to see where you sit in the 'eye', press Ctrl F and type your Twitter tag in there.

This does not present any emotion between the nodes. In this article "The emotional arcs of stories are dominated by six basic shapes", Reagan et al (2016) talk about measuring the popularity of emotional arcs in different stories and about 'shared emotional experiences'. I find this interesting to apply to the Networked Narrative that is happening between students that see each other face-to-face and those that have never met in that way. How much emotion do we share that could even allow us to match our experiences? Could this impact how we interact with Twitter bots, teacher bots or Twitter accounts of 'other' sort (like owls, cows and horses).

Glitch Art by Sandra Brown Jensen inspired me to glitch it up and Kevin Hodgson joined in. See the art series depicted in this Storify. My initial reaction to Sandra's artwork begged me to do something with it, to respond, to share, to carry the story a bit further.

Then Terry Elliott showed us how to Spin the Spun. It reminds me of the game of Chinese whispers. From the original, we are not sure what we will end up with. Is it better? Is it more thought provoking? Or is it just different? This is part of digital alchemy.

Taking the first couple of paragraphs of the Reagen et al (2016) article I spun it, then highlighted another story that appeared. The irony is not lost on me that I had to keep on clicking "I'm not a robot" as I continued to copy and paste in robot fashion. After a few iterations, Recaptcha asked me to identify pictures to ensure I was not botting the whole process!

While you have no tone, outward appearance or other clues of my emotional nearness while typing this (if you read this far), be assured I'm still tagging along in this narrative.


  1. Thanks for sharing .. I missed Terry's spinbot

    1. Here it is, Kevin: https://goo.gl/762U8j

  2. Here is my response to your call, your 'wentale' to my 'wen-retold": https://via.hypothes.is/http://networkedstories.blogspot.com/2017/02/spin-bots-and-story-shapes.html

    You can also view the image here: https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B_eRY5QJvXyqYV9PRXpQcFlTUVU

    1. Having issues getting Hypothes.is to work on this blog. Is it the magazine template layout? Thanks for the google docs version!


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