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Visions of Elsewhere

"Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky." ~Willa Cather Networked Narratives Intercept 9 starts this way. The following poem is another interception constructed from this video of Mia Zamora and Alan Levine chatting. VISIONS OF ELSEWHERE Our sense of scale is corrected putting self into perspective when we view the sky or the view out another persons window we need this correction to see our relative unimportance in the world I feel the need of 'elsewhere' time open space and air to breathe it smells like desert rain when you crumble the leaves little things become precious keep them in your heart lupines are budding in your corner my envy echoes through frogs croak I anticipate the crunch of silence like steps in the snow sharing our enthusiasm of daily views seen anew opens the portal of knowing allowing us to feel more magical moments of seeing are the horizon of our time

Taking the MOO out of MOOC

Maybe you thought I'd be talking about massive, open and online things.....but it's really just about a cow in a paddock eating grass. This is the 'outing' and closing of The Jolt project. Way back when, like December 2016, I was chomping at the bit (oh that is a horse reference and he will come into this story as well) to get started on Network Narratives course. I think it was being promoted as a MOOC and due to the well connected stars at the centre of stage Mia Zamora and Alan Levine, there was a lot of interest. It was suggested that alternative personas might be required to participate in the Course. I went ahead and created The Jolt.  This was not a random selection. I was bought up on a dairy farm and have lots of memory, knowledge and history with cows. I figured I'd have enough material to work with. I also decided to stay in-persona when posting so this would be a separate identity. However I did mention this to Kevin Hodgson when he started pos