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The checklist is never complete

What a great way to finish up 2018 #NetNarr with a 'green-screen-faking-it' video from Mia Zamora and Alan Levine. I just want them to shake hands so I know it's real! Two wonderful academics that have guided us through this maze we call Network Narratives. I'm wrapping up another #NetNarr event. The Final Final checklist suggested a few ways to curate what has been happening and I think this would be valuable for me now and as a way of reflection. Blog Posts Daily Digital Alchemies From the 20 creations or interactions, one of my favourites was: From the Inside Out  that resulted in this video . Trees, crochet and cats! This also echoes an ongoing theme for me in Network Narratives: ~ The ability to see things in a different light ~ Twitter TAGS explorer  - Twitter, once again, provided a rich ground for interaction and connection in this course. The Summary doe