Image: Wendy Taleo "Reflection on Stuart" 2017

Reflection of Lightfe

I had this post mostly written, went for a coffee, network glitch, post lost.

You and I will never know what was written.

I was just about to give up Network Narratives, yes, that was the words in my head. Then along came the next Studio visit. A diverse audience chatting with Howard Rheingold and Mamie Rheingold.

Week 6 question:
Are you feeling in control of your Networked Narratives experience, lost in the chaos, or perhaps sometimes both?

To which I reply: Kind of.

Oh wait, there is a scale to follow:

Then I thought I might be dreaming. So I did the 'dream-check' the Howard Rheingold way as referred to here. If you jump and your feet land on the floor, you are most likely, not dreaming.

or the Giphy/meme version of that.

Having established all of that, 
on reflection, 
life still is and 
if the sun comes up tomorrow, 
there will be light.

Post Script: This from Kevin


  1. I am sinking
    into darkness,
    the dream
    of possibilities.
    This world is never
    silent, always something
    So listen: in this absence
    of electricity
    and the sun's gravitational pull,
    I am
    and writing.


    1. Kevin, Thank you for this. I'm thinking about sinking and floating and the dream-like qualities of that. I'm thinking more about lucid dreaming after the Studio visit with Howard.

  2. My favorite line from Howard: "uncertainty, confusion & chaos is background noise of the world" & "trying to make sense of the chaos, is a skill." Which in many ways is the cycle of innovation -- innovation is an accident that brings chaos which causes us to try to bring order, to try to control.

    1. Hi Geoff, thanks for popping in here. I can see the role that writing has here. It helps us organise the chaos we see and the chaos in our head. For me, writing combined with making (or messing about) helps me do that.


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