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Selfie Unselfie Project

Unselfie Title: Who am I looking at?

Artist Statement

I question my self
What is my normal
How can I portray the digital version
What happens to my embodiment
Where is my fingerprint
I am unique and trackable
Is my eye in contact with you
Where is your reply
Do I look at myself
Do I look at the future viewers
(That posthuman lens)
One last glimpse
Where are my hands, wrist, elbow, ankle
1 minute / 8 shots / choose one / upload / download /
New post
Insert image / Write / Preview / Edit / Publish
I'm reduced to common ones and zeros
There is no art in that!

Selfie: Twitter Profile picture
Purpose: To give the impression of a 'real' person that you could talk to
Design: Black and white to differentiate from the multitude of colour, taken at an angle like a passport photo, taken to resemble the image that you would see if we had a video hangout, taken in my work office.

by Wendy Taleo for the #selfieunselfie project 2018

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