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Next Gen LMS

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
Reading the ever-exciting New Media Consortium 2017 report, it lists Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE) on the 2-3 year timeframe for adoption.  I'm thinking about Network Narratives in this framework and realise that what we have in the various resources of this course, makes up a learning 'portal' (pg 45). Whether this provides a deeper learning experience than signing up for a Learning Management System (LMS) experience is something that I am pondering.

A portal
that allows a different view
from sea to sky, clear blue
hard to summarise for others
multi-faceted in tools
not so many rules
open in nature
shareable is preferred
remix is encouraged
onwards we learn
from this portal.

While my formal, mega-paid-up, education is within an LMS (or VLE for the Northern European folk), it's a very flat file, non-agile experience. There are reports to read, discussion board items to write-up and assignments to write up. That's ab…

Game it - Week 8.0

In this segment of Netnarr we are being asked to think about games. Here is a short reflection on two of my fave games at the moment.

Mahjong - the board game
This is nothing like the 'match the pair' version that is popular on computers. The goal of the game is to be able to make a certain pattern of the tiles (like cards) in a throw out/pick up routine. I like the routine and process of this game which starts with shuffling the tiles, building a wall, throwing dice to determine East wind etc. While the challenge is to complete your own set of tiles, there is an added challenge of guessing what your oponents want (or discard). What I personnally get out of it is relaxation (providing I'm not trying to teach someone the game!), memory of the hands and the connection with the other 3 players.

Goal - to fill in all the boxes....according to the rules. It's a solo challenge and the satisfaction is finishing it. It's annoying to share with anyone else because the…