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Tracks in the Stats sand.

Stats Pageviews 79....really? Ukraine (surely it's a bot) tracks did I have your permission? did you consent? DO I CARE?

Twitter chat safari

Image: Wendy Taleo, 2018
I missed the #Netnarr Twitter chat this morning. Here is a composition of my safari. With six images created a seventh image, I narrate my safari across these landscapes. What I miss is the interaction, so leave a comment and show that you have trodden this track.

Wearing the SOC(k)

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash
These reflections are from the last iteration of Network Narratives. I feel that last years involvement was like being part of a SOC.
SMALL  OPEN  CLASS (SOC) At any point in time, there was between 4-10 open participants active (or that I have interacted with) in the Network Narratives activities. Some people were consistent all the way through and other people came into the class through the porous class walls. During our Open Bus Tour  Alan Levine mentioned this aspect of having this 'open class' and that it was 'about the right size'. I'm not sure about the size factor but I do know that it was a comfortable space and allowed repeated connections and conversations over the 3 months. The typical MOOC timeframe is 4-6 weeks and even shorter if you only participate for some of the time. Travelling along on this journey for a full University Semester has been a different type of open study. I was always aware of the weekly class of th…

Another Adventure Begins on the Messy Internet

In Week 1 of Network Narratives we were pointed to the website Network Effect. The above capture shows the word categories that are options for filtering this information. The front page of this programme has this information and questions.

The effect of this programme is nausea! A feeling of dread of the uselessness of it all, a sick feeling in the pit of one's stomach in the over dramatised but somehow ordered bits of information. The messy cultural messages. Did you try it? Leave a comment below on how you felt.