The Kangaroo - Scene I

The tale of the kangaroo and the fence.

The kangaroo might have been Syrian children starved by their countrymen.

Or maybe the indigenous kids at my son's school that I don't see because they don't come to school.

The water might have been food trucks turned back at borders.

Or a missed education.

The fence could be a wall to block people joining their families.

Or some crazy idea in the late 1800's to block rabbits (an introduced species that came over on boats) crossing Australia.

The students might have been the paparazzi, hounding a Princess after a late night supper.

Or digital humanists that observe their life through a writer's lense.

The devices might have been social media that tracks the truth and fake-ness of what might or might not have happened.

Or VR/AR/3D/4D/other-ness kind of things.

The awe may have been Jason Silver embodying this through his Shots of Awe videos.

Or not.

The sorrow, ahhhh, the sweet sorrow. Might have been a movie plot to tug on heart strings.

The goose may have played a part.

I'm not sure.

But what is for sure is that these are some of the things that have been bugging me.

Also involved:

Also view: The Weekly: Make Australia Second for things we are proud of but could also be bugging us as a nation.


  1. I had to "read" your image a few times, trying to get at the heart of it all. I appreciated this insider's look.


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