Whisper into the future

In this week in the Net Mirror (#NetNarr) Professor Levine is encouraging the use of audio to capture our thoughts.  Here I'm playing with audio and using the screen capture feature on Android (Samsung 10) that allows for multiple things: capturing my voice, capturing system sounds, screen annotation, video thumbnail.  This would be a very cool way to tell a story using a multimodal approach. This is a cross posting for #WalkMyWorld where I came across the " I Miss My Bar " website which allows customisation of ambient noise. This is becoming a fine art in the recording space. Today I'm watching the Australian Open Tennis match, played from Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is in a snap lockdown for covid reasons and no audience is allowed at the stadiums but the matches can go ahead. As I watch the telecast, there is fake ambiance added in, crowds clapping, murmuring and talking. 

What I learnt from The Boss (and the band)

 In Week 1 (and a bit) of Network Narratives there have been two questions for me: 1. How can education be subverted? 2. What do I think about this course theme: Post Pandemic University (PPU) These are extracted from the facilitators introduction and not asked directly. With another open participant, Terry Elliott ( @telliowkuwp ), we have been discussing these questions via the margins using Terry suggested that the answer to question one might be GameStop. I'll leave that right there! Terry suggested The Boss, aka Bruce Springsteen in this performance of the Chuck Berry song: You Never Can Tell (Leipzig 7/7/13) (Official Video) might be the past predicting the future and what a PPU might look like. Martin Weller suggests in his recent blog that stories and metaphors are two main ways that people make sense of the world. I'm going to use this performance as a metaphor for a PPU. Bruce has over 50,000 students and he starts with a key. He frames this around his

Does the class exist?

Image The class exists / In our imagination /  a gathering across spaces /  creating lines of flight / as birds spread their wings /  grazing wind drifts.  The class is existential /  yet moving and dynamic /  coating our cortex lightly /  as much as our neurons can handle. by Wendy Taleo, 2021 Respond or join in the conversation in the margins

Too many Posts.

NetNarr kicks off again and Alan Levine writes this introduction  and Mia Zamora adds her launch thoughts . The theme this year is Imagining a Post Pandemic University. Working with students who are not-post but in-pandemic, it will be interesting what will be written in this environment. Mia talks about envisaging a 'way out' and all the paths that might move forward in the education sector. Play and fun is a prime focus and discovery with opportunities to express ourselves in different media. I'm participating as an open participant. This is an ongoing invitation and Alan reinforces  that dipping in and out is perfectly acceptable. You can see from the history of this blog that I've had such great adventures from the Alchemist Lab to the Other Bus Tour . My plans for the 2021 iteration is to participate in the activities that interest me. I would also like to support students by reading their blogs and interacting on twitter. Maybe I'll use tools I'm familiar

The sound of letters

What does your name sound like using This is another #SelfieUnSelfie project. Providing the letters of my name but hearing like never before. This echos the experience of children experimenting with language and sounds. Is this poetry?

The Net Mirror

' When we look closely at our screens,  what do we see,  both in ourselves and in our society?  And are the screens  and networks behind it  seeing us back?  What do our reflections behold,  and what stories still need to be told?'  from In this empty classroom I pose I want a selfie - but not so I turn the camera towards its own black mirror. In this empty classroom the whiteboard is white the tables are clear and the screen, (the promise of the screen) is partially rolled down. In this empty classroom the chairs wait poised for some instruction - trees shift outside a view screened from the heat. In this empty classroom the screen waits connection with something or someone - power-save mode holds. In this empty classroom the light is harsh. by Wendy Taleo CC BY SA for Net Mirror 2020.

Streams of Light

Listen to the whole conversation from 2022 here:   Follow the #NetNarr channel, break out the lightsabers, polish off your stylus, google the word arganee and get ready for another Network Narrative romp! It's happening, first class tonight, third year of an open connected course in Digital Alchemy. See "A Tale of Tape on the Webcams: #NetNarr 2019 Week 1" — Alan Levine (@cogdog) January 22, 2019