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Reading the ever-exciting New Media Consortium 2017 report, it lists Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE) on the 2-3 year timeframe for adoption.
Horizon Report 2017
 I'm thinking about Network Narratives in this framework and realise that what we have in the various resources of this course, makes up a learning 'portal' (pg 45). Whether this provides a deeper learning experience than signing up for a Learning Management System (LMS) experience is something that I am pondering.

A portal
that allows a different view
from sea to sky, clear blue
hard to summarise for others
multi-faceted in tools
not so many rules
open in nature
shareable is preferred
remix is encouraged
onwards we learn
from this portal.

While my formal, mega-paid-up, education is within an LMS (or VLE for the Northern European folk), it's a very flat file, non-agile experience. There are reports to read, discussion board items to write-up and assignments to write up. That's about it. Kind of ironic, given that 'innovation' is part of the heading of the course! Apart from the LMS, we have resorted to WhatsApp to connect (some of the class) and have a less formal place to meet.

In comparison, in Network Narratives, some of the agile tools I'm using are: Twitter (general and DM groups), blogging (this), Alan's portal, Mia's portal, video conversations between them both, Studio visits shared, group projects using google apps and other open tools and the ability to connect to students and other open participants in a variety of ways.

In Gartner's Hype Cycle, I'd say NetNarr is on the Slope of Enlightenment!

(now back to my 'other' essay writing)


  1. Navigating all of the platforms requires a fluid approach to learning, and that in itself seems to narrow participation in an open network learning project. While I personally find that navigation interesting -- in finding the walls/limitations and holes/possibilities -- I recognize that many others find it confusing and frustrating. Appreciate the link to the Hype Cycle.

    1. Yes, I'm not sure the design of the 'portal' has reached it's pinnacle yet! In every innovation there are the early adopters (us) who are prepared to search for the possibilities through the limitations. My aim in participating in these type of events are to pickup the good bits and eventually reach out to the confused and frustrated.


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