The Net Mirror

A black mirror selfie

'When we look closely at our screens, 
what do we see, 
both in ourselves and in our society? 
And are the screens 
and networks behind it 
seeing us back? 
What do our reflections behold, 
and what stories still need to be told?' 

In this empty classroom
I pose
I want a selfie -
but not
so I turn the camera
towards its own
black mirror.

In this empty classroom
the whiteboard
is white
the tables
are clear
and the screen,
(the promise of the screen)
is partially rolled down.

In this empty classroom
the chairs wait
poised for some instruction -
trees shift outside
a view screened
from the heat.

In this empty classroom
the screen
waits connection
with something
or someone -
power-save mode holds.

In this empty classroom
the light
is harsh.

by Wendy Taleo
for Net Mirror 2020.


  1. Thanks Kevin Hodgson for the remix.


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