Taking the MOO out of MOOC

Maybe you thought I'd be talking about massive, open and online things.....but it's really just about a cow in a paddock eating grass.

This is the 'outing' and closing of The Jolt project. Way back when, like December 2016, I was chomping at the bit (oh that is a horse reference and he will come into this story as well) to get started on Network Narratives course. I think it was being promoted as a MOOC and due to the well connected stars at the centre of stage Mia Zamora and Alan Levine, there was a lot of interest. It was suggested that alternative personas might be required to participate in the Course. I went ahead and created The Jolt.  This was not a random selection. I was bought up on a dairy farm and have lots of memory, knowledge and history with cows. I figured I'd have enough material to work with. I also decided to stay in-persona when posting so this would be a separate identity. However I did mention this to Kevin Hodgson when he started posting @NetKidHorse and @WildWestNetKid adventures. He was not hiding that these two characters were created by him and they have been along for the ride ever since. I definitely feel that this early 'revealing' of character meant that there was always someone listening and interacting with Jolt. Due to my working and learning history with @dogtrax I felt free to hack and re-hack some of his posts, I did not always feel that freedom with other NetNarr folk. In February there was some interaction with students from Kean University but this soon pettered out.

I think the finest hour was in (nearly) convincing some that I could map the four stomach compartments to the four alchemical elements. See Slide 18-20 in the Storify below.

The Daily digital Alchemy #dda were sometimes applicable to a bovine point of view but somewhere in February I realised that I was seeking feedback and interaction. I would get that if I used my other account (@wentale) and used my 'usual' sense of humour, hacking ability and poetic expression. Jolt was feeling lonely and felt the wind blew in one direction across the grass plains in the paddock.

Occasionally @mprophetissima would interact. Another alternative persona which we all knew was Mia. We also had @rebegmaestro playing along who was usually responsible for the NetNarr Intercepts.

Back to the original premise of this post, what you are left with is a Course if you remove the Moo. Perhaps a Movement if you remove the LOO from LOOM. It has been an interesting learning 'thing' to be involved in a Course, primarily for University students and also available to open participants. A journey through digital alchemy, network narratives and many twists and turns between.

And now, Good night.
It is time to sleep
So we will sleep with our pet Zeep.
Today is gone. Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
Every day, from here to there.
funny things are everywhere.

from "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss"

I have Storified the life of The Jolt so that it will still appear in the anals of digital history for decades to come (or not). 


  1. Hah! You were the Jolt. I thought it was related to @annacow

    1. gotcha! maybe they were a distant relative in another zone.

  2. Here's hoping Jolt comes back from the fields now and then.
    Creating personas is a strange thing, I am finding, as you have to inhabit a character's mind and be true to them, even as you develop them. Sort of like writing a story with characters, but this kind of character plays out in real time, with potential real interactions, so there are a lot of unexpected elements.
    I have heard, ahem, that Horse in particular enjoyed seeing Jolt out in the fields of NetNarr.
    Your reflection has me pondering a few things about this concept of connecting open systems of learning with classroom systems, and how difficult it can be to bridge the two with purpose and meaning (and of the potential that still waits there). I still wish/hope the classroom participants would/will interact more with open folks, but that doesn't seem to happen all that often. I guess they are swamped with tests and quizzes and projects.
    Your post can be a talking point when we meet ...

  3. Wendy! I didn't know you were the Jolt!! Was wondering, but in a way it didn't really matter, since the Jolt was the Jolt even if animated by Wendy.
    For the next month #netnarr is moving into RPG mode with a game to be played inside #arganee. You will see the signposts soon enough. I hope you might continue the masquerading spirit as we turn up the digital alchemy dial. xoxo


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