Another Adventure Begins on the Messy Internet

In Week 1 of Network Narratives we were pointed to the website Network Effect. The above capture shows the word categories that are options for filtering this information. The front page of this programme has this information and questions.

The effect of this programme is nausea! A feeling of dread of the uselessness of it all, a sick feeling in the pit of one's stomach in the over dramatised but somehow ordered bits of information. The messy cultural messages. Did you try it? Leave a comment below on how you felt.


  1. Interestingly, I can't get the site to run. Chrome tells me I don't have the right video card and Firefox tells me to use Chrome. Is this metaphorical, somehow? I had the same problems last time this site was shared.

    1. Hi kevin, I'm running it on Chrome v63. Also works on my Firefox. Could be a firewall or virus protection thing? But yes, it's a message from the ruler of the shadows of browser land!


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