Visions of Elsewhere

"Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky."
~Willa Cather
Networked Narratives Intercept 9 starts this way.

The following poem is another interception constructed from this video of Mia Zamora and Alan Levine chatting.


Our sense of scale is corrected
putting self into perspective

when we view the sky or
the view out another persons window

we need this correction to see
our relative unimportance in the world

I feel the need of 'elsewhere' time
open space and air to breathe

it smells like desert rain
when you crumble the leaves

little things become precious
keep them in your heart

lupines are budding in your corner
my envy echoes through frogs croak

I anticipate the crunch of silence
like steps in the snow

sharing our enthusiasm of
daily views seen anew

opens the portal of knowing
allowing us to feel more

magical moments of seeing
are the horizon of our time.

Wendy Taleo CC BY SA


  1. Wendy, Thank you so much for this poetic synthesis of some fleeting thoughts. Opening perspective (like the shift of the screen to glimpse outside worlds) is a portal to beyond here. I love it.��

    1. Thanks Mia, and that you both for this way of interacting in the open. Your thoughts may seem fleeting but that is the nature of the Intercepts, they are there, read to pause, play and replay again. This poem was effortless to write perhaps because of the honesty and integrity of those speaking.

  2. The crunch of silence
    quiets me, the one who
    waits for response;
    Instead, I observe the
    horizon, the mirage of
    the shimmer, as I hold
    out my fingers to grasp
    the portal, where signal
    meets noise.

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