Whisper into the future

In this week in the Net Mirror (#NetNarr) Professor Levine is encouraging the use of audio to capture our thoughts.  Here I'm playing with audio and using the screen capture feature on Android (Samsung 10) that allows for multiple things: capturing my voice, capturing system sounds, screen annotation, video thumbnail.  This would be a very cool way to tell a story using a multimodal approach.

This is a cross posting for #WalkMyWorld where I came across the "I Miss My Bar" website which allows customisation of ambient noise. This is becoming a fine art in the recording space. Today I'm watching the Australian Open Tennis match, played from Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is in a snap lockdown for covid reasons and no audience is allowed at the stadiums but the matches can go ahead. As I watch the telecast, there is fake ambiance added in, crowds clapping, murmuring and talking. 


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